Community Participation

Community Participation I have always been a person that likes to hear ideas and thoughts from others. I will be an active listener within Ward 6, and make sure that I am accessible to all of its residents.  Maintaining open lines of communication is the only way to make sure we have sustainable growth and success.

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Public Safety

Public Safety As we continue to grow, we must make sure our Fire Department and Police Department have enough funding to provide the services needed to maintain safety and deter criminal activity.

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Local Business

Local Business I will continue to work with and for independent local owned businesses, as I have done for the past 20 years to help them achieve their business goals.

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Diversity Now more than ever, the population of Saskatoon is reflective of people from all over the globe. Our diversity is displayed at various events throughout the year.  It’s time to showcase that diversity within our Municipal Government.

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